Mujeres illustres de Madrid - clara campoamor

Women from Madrid who changed our History

It is time to talk about all the unique women of Madrid who, with their effort, work and talent, fought against everything to become unique in the history of this country.

Let´s start with the woman who fought and got the women obtained the basic right to vote, the one and only:


Clara Campoamor. 1888 – 1972.

A woman that only a few will know but who is being probably the most important politician for the women in contemporary democracy.

she was born in the neighbourhood of Lavapiés in the city centre of Madrid, a fatherless orphan who, due to the economic difficulties of his family, had to left her studies to work. With 32 years she returned tho the studies and graduated in law in 1924 and dedicated himself to politics being elected to Congress as a deputy for the Radical Party.

She was the first woman who talked in the Congress and during her time as a deputy during the Second Republic. And thanks to her effort and with almost no support, she finally achieved her purpose and the women were able to vote for the first time in Spain in the 1933 elections. Achievement truncated by the Civil War and the following victory of fascism, which condemned her to exile first in France and then in Switzerland, where he finally died in 1972.

A unique woman to whom we owe the most basic of the fundamental rights of women, the free voting.

gloria fuertes
Gloria fuertes 1917 – 1998

Born in the Lavapiés neighbourhood in 1917, the woman who became the reason of bringing poetry to the little ones and who filled our lives with love and kindness to adults. Gloria Fuertes was born in a humble family, a mother seamstress and a father handyman.

Dramatist but above all, a poet at the same level of the greatest, icon of the generation of the 50s and postwar, who soon, with 14 years, published his first book called “Childhood, youth, old age”. finally, in her life, and after all kinds of jobs she had with the only purpose of helping his family, she becomes editor of the children’s magazine call Maravillas, where she wrote poems and stories of all kinds. It was from the 40s when she began to have more opportunities and since that moment, nothing stopped it. theatre representation, television programs and poems books would make her a really famous face throughout Spain and her poems would make her an immortal name in all hearts of the Spains citizens.

Ana Mariscal 1923-1995

Considered one of the pioneer women of Spanish cinema, Ana Mariscal was a student at the Faculty of Exact Sciences when Luis Marquilla decided to include her in the cast of the film he was shooting, The Last Hussar in 1940, and from exactly that moment, she started a big successful career as an actress between 40 and 50, arriving to found his own theatre company. In 1952, she created the Bosco Films production company and the following year she premiered her first film as a director, finally achieving great recognition in the year1963 with the film call El Camino film based on the homonymous novel by Miguel Delibes. Finally, she spent her last days of life away from the cameras and devoted herself to journalism and writing.

with these small samples about women who were born, trained, fought and were inspired by the beautiful streets of the city of Madrid. They made this city greater and all was thanks to these women’s determinations.

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